• Occupational Therapy Consulting with a Focus on the Homeschool Setting

    Working to empower homeschool families to provide an outstanding education for EVERY child

  • My Story

    Prior to homeschooling, I worked as an Occupational Therapist serving various populations for nine years. In fact, it was my profession that led me to homeschooling. While treating a patient who was homeschooling her children, I was able to observe first-hand the benefits that this could have for our family. A change in my husband's job gave us the opportunity to begin this journey in 2016. Our style has grown over the years as we have changed and morphed into the Collins Academy of Excellence. During this time, I used my background in Occupational Therapy on a daily basis with my own family. However, I did miss helping others and a part of me always knew that I wanted to resume my career in some capacity. After attending a handwriting seminar, the idea hit me that I could combine my passion for homeschooling with my desire to help people. Collins Academy Therapy Services was born.

  • What We Do

    Our Mission

    Why Us?

    Since we began homeschooling, we have met many people from a variety of backgrounds choosing to homeschool for all different reasons. The commonality within all of us is the choice in education that impacts the entire family. Homeschooling is beautiful yet challenging for every family; families with children with special needs or learning differences have their own unique set of challenges. My goal is to combine my background in Occupational Therapy with my understanding of the homeschool environment to consult with families and recommend customized solutions to ensure you maximize your children’s education, regardless of challenges or situations you may face.


    A unique service ready to help you

    We interview and observe the family during the homeschooling day and then provide recommendations to be implemented by the homeschooling family based on reported needs and challenges. Recommendations can address

    • A specific need in a person (ie-home exercise program or sensory diet)
    • A specific need for a family (ie-daily routine recommendations)
    • A change in the environment (ie-work station modifications or ergonomics)
    • A change in the activity (ie-curriculum or adaptations to games) 


    A consultant to work with your homeschool

    Collins Academy Therapy Services is licensed through the state of Pennsylvania. Collins Academy Therapy Services is not direct occupational therapy. Recommendations for direct Occupational Therapy may be warranted. Collins Academy Therapy Services does not diagnose. Implementation of recommendations is at the decision of the client and family.

  • The Process


    Initial Consultation

    We will meet in-person or via conference call to discuss your specific situation.



    You will receive written recommendations based on our conversation to address your specific educational needs and how to best integrate EVERYONE in your day.



    We will continue to communicate to ensure that your family is successful in your homeschooling program!



    We can provide training to other providers in your child's care ie co-op instructors or other family members.

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